5 Chinese SEO Tips

Following are key points for your Chinese SEO jobs.

1. Chinese Localisation.

Search engines prefer localisation. In order to do well in Chinese markets you need to analyse your local competition in PR. China or Chinese Speaking districts like HK, Taiwan, or Singapore. Some search engines prefer that sites are hosted locally, so a region-specific domain names like .cn, .hk, .tw, .sg may affect the result. ChineseTrans is dedicated in Professional Human Chinese Translation. You can easily manage your Chinese translation orders online and get the quality texts.  

2. Don’t just translate – Think like a Chinese.

Don’t base your Chinese keyword research solely on Chinese translations  – neither for PPC nor for SEO. Identify Chinese terms with most searches.



3. Simplified or Traditional?

Misuse of the right Chinese written language is the common mistake many newbies will make.

People in mainland China is using simplified Chinese, imagine how you can get high conversion if you use traditional Chinese in the brochures, websites for this market.

Dig Deeper: Differences Between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese  

4. Go Socialize.

If your target market is mainland China, stop thinking of Facebook or Twitter, Start to use  Weibo,Wechat, QQ,  instead! Social Media can be a great marketing tool, it’s also true in China. in China,Weibo, Wechat and QQ.com are by far the most popular social networking tools. To maximize the effects of social media marketing, make sure that your social media strategy is specifically tailored to the region and market you are targeting.

There are more and more Wechat public accounts opened up every day, many international business owners realize it is a very powerful tool to reach the target users. Your early involvement will help you take a good  advantage.  

The same happens to Weibo verified accounts as well.At SinoStep, You can easily customize your Chinese online marketing campaign by choosing the language, target market, and service level.

5. Local Search Engine

Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine, with about 83% market share, while Google has only about 11%. So, that’s why you should rank on Baidu if you want to be in the Chinese market. Actually working on your Chinese SEO is often working your baidu seo.

  • Don’t talk about sex or you’ll be out
  • Don’t attack the Chinese government
  • Use Chinese in your website (but don’t mix several languages on the same page – that’s a general statement, not only for Chinese)
  • Use a .cn / .org.cn / or .com.cn domain name.
  • Host your website in China.  Baidu prefers Chinese IP’s. If you can not have a license, make sure the speed is fast.
  • Have a lot of links. Baidu prefers quantity to quality. high pagerank links won’t help. Just have thousands of backlinks.
  • Refresh often. This advice applies to google too. But it seems baidu loves fresh content even more.
  • Don’t use ISO-8885-1 coding in your pages but UTF-8 or GB2312 (well, UTF-8 is better because it suits any language around the globe)    

Let me know your thoughts.  


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