ChineseTrans global team is composed of senior Chinese translators located in different cities around the world.

ChineseTrans can provide full range of language services in various industries, including but not limited to legal, financial, business, marketing or technical documents translation.

Chinese is not an easy language.

You will get reliable Chinese language service at ChineseTrans.How can I contact ChineseTrans?

Please read FAQ carefully for most common questions. Should your question remain unanswered, please contact us using our contact form.


How can I register an account?

If you would like to register and order with ChineseTrans, just register as customer. Any charge for the registration?

No, registration is free for both customers and translators. What if I forget my login details?

If you forget your password, Please request a new one by clicking forgotten password, follow the instructions and you will get a new password by e-mail.How can I close my ChineseTrans account?

Please send us the request using the contact form.What if I have not received the confirmation email ?

Please check your spam folder, or receive the message again.


How does ChineseTrans work?

You can easily order online at ChineseTrans.

  • Get the instant quote for document translation, or get the quote from our human inquiry.
  • Place the order and pay.
  • ChineseTrans dedicated project manager (PM) will handle your projects. The PM will verify your order and activate it to make sure there is no misunderstanding or any mistake in the order.
  • ChineseTrans PM will assign the files to suitably qualified translator(s) familiar with the subject to proceed.
  • The translation will be passed onto a senior reviewer who checks the text for errors and makes any necessary corrections.
  • After the proofreading phase, the document is passed onto quality control where the final checks are carried out.
  • You will get the job done after the quality control process.

This is the standard work flow for text translation.
Quality control will also be implemented for our other services like formatting, web localization and DTP, etc…How much does it cost?

Get your quote instantly

For most text translation projects, you can get an instant and free quote for your task at ChineseTrans. Simply enter or upload your text, choose the category of the text and the language combination, The price you get in most times is accurate. However, there may be very slight chances that some documents will have inaccurate price due to some technical problems. You will know the problem very soon by our notice if it unfortunately happens. You can choose to accept the revised order or not. If you declined, of course you can get your money back if you had already paid.How much does it cost for graphic translation or localization?

If the text contains pictures ( i.e. graphics, comics, etc. ), and you need them to be translated or localized too, please let us know and attach necessary source files (for localization). You will get the price for the graphic translation or localization very soon.

How much does it cost for website localization, interpreting, or other language services?

Make use of our inquiry forms to upload your documents and specify your requirements in details, we will arrange our Project Manager to customize a new order for you very soon.

Normally you will get our response within 1-6 hours.Is there a minimum order?

The Minimum order is $20.What types of file can ChineseTrans translate?

You can either enter your text freely into the textbox of the cost calculator or simply upload the file that you wish to translate. For an instant quote, Please provide TXT, DOC, DOCX, RTF, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF files.

Actually we can handle most files types in the world thanks to our DTP capabilities. Just upload them for a quote, you only need to wait a while and we will get back to you very soon.

If you need to convert the file formats, just let us knowWhat can I do if I cannot upload the file?

If you encounter problems when uploading your document, please open a ticket in your back end. We will find a solution and get back to you as soon as possible.What languages are available?

You can see currently available language combinations easily from ChineseTrans cost calculator. You can take advantage of our global network of translators and our strict internal quality control management.

You will find more language combinations in the future. If you require a language combination that is not listed, please contact us using our contact form.Can ChineseTrans translate texts from specialist categories?

ChineseTrans also translates text that belongs to specialist categories such as Law, Patent or Marketing. These translations are carried out by qualified translators who are experienced in the relevant field. You can find them in the cost calculator and the order page.What do you do with formatting within the original text?

You will get the finished document the same style as the source file.

You don’t need the extra time to do the tiresome formatting job.

If you need specialized desktop publishing service, please choose it and send us the inquiry.Is it possible for me to make particular requests about my translation?

Yes, when you place your order at ChineseTrans, you are given the opportunity to fully brief your translator on the text. We always appreciate as much information as possible, to ensure an accurate translation.

If your translator has questions about the text, he or she can contact you via our internal messaging system. In this case ChineseTrans will inform you by email.

How long will I have to wait?

You will get the time estimate for your order when you use ChineseTrans cost calculator. The processing time for your order is mainly dependent on three factors:

  • Languages combinations
  • length of the text
  • category of the text

In normal practices, an experienced translator can translate around 1,000-2,500 words a day, and a proofreader need some extra time to review your job. ChineseTrans also need some time to pick a most suitable translator or organize the right translation team for your order. As soon as your payment is processed, ChineseTrans will start the job.Is it possible to get a faster translation?

If you choose the available express translation service, ChineseTrans will place it in first priority.

If you need a really faster translation, please contact us using the contact form and we will do our best to help you meet your deadline.

What quality controls are carried out on the translation?

ChineseTrans only works with qualified and experienced translators. To translate specialist category texts, the translator must have proven knowledge of the relevant field.

Furthermore we insist on regularly checking the standard of every translator’s work. When you collect your completed translation, you will have the opportunity to evaluate your level of satisfaction with the translation process at ChineseTrans.

We are grateful for your feedback.


How can I collect my translation when it’s finished?

You will receive an e-mail to tell you when your text is ready for collection.

You can change your settings in your user account to choose if you would like us to send the text to you as an e-mail, or if you would prefer to download the document from your ChineseTrans user account.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

If you are unhappy with the quality of our service, we will do our best to understand the cause of your dissatisfaction and to find a solution. If there are indeed mistakes in the translation we will initially send the text to a second translator/proofreader. If we are unable to resolve the problem, we reserve the right to reimburse the customer and to reclaim part/all of the costs from the translator.


How can I pay?

We employ a strict payment in advance policy.

That’s why you can get quality translation at a good price.

Currently you can pay via Paypal, Moneybookers, Credit Cards and Bank Wire Transfer.Do credits have a limited lifespan?

Yes, credits bought on ChineseTrans have a lifespan of 2 years. (No?)How do I pay by wire transfer?

To pay by bank transfer, proceed as follows :

  • Make sure you include the invoice reference number in the wording of your transfer order;
  • Upon receipt of payment, your client account will be credited and you can enter your order.

Please understand payment by wire transfer will take several hours to several days to handle.


Is ChineseTrans safe?

Yes, we will treat your document and personal data with the utmost care and attention. All internal and external employees have to accept a confidentiality agreement in order to register and work for ChineseTrans.

And you can access and edit/delete your personal details at any time.